Pesticide trading in China still at higher price in Feb

With the logistics services shut during the Chinese New Year in February this year, the pesticide technical and intermediate trading volume remained light in general as factories were not running at high capacity. 
After the Chinese New Year is over and China’s heat supply season comes to an end, all vendors from the industry upstream up to terminal will be confronted with the requirement of stable supplies. The market supply is expected to remain light until the end of CAC 2018. 

With regard to insecticide, there has been a restrained supply of intermediates. Safety and environmental compliance requirements have resulted in a lower capacity running, while trading volume of all products stays relatively stable at a higher price level. 
Herbicide trade volume stays stable in general at a higher price level. With the stimulation of market and the strong backup of cost, the price of glyphosate technical has rebounded this month. 
The prices of fungicidal triazole technical have risen slightly, whereas difenoconazole technical, propiconazole technical, and hexaconazole technical all stay at a higher price level. Prochloraz technical and hymexazol technical vendors are still restrained by limited supplies of intermediates, which results in higher prices.