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King Quenson Industry Group has experimental bases for field trial test in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America. They can help us collect the products’ efficiency data from different areas. In 2015, our newest efficiency report from Nepal market is published on "Asian Journal of Science and Technology". We are keeping learning and accumulating the crop science experiences, we want to recommend the excellent products with High efficiency, Low toxicity, Low residue for our customers.  

If you have the following consultations or problems, please contact us.  

  • Interest in good recommendation for products which can help you choose the most suitable products.

  • Interest in the new products which can help you know the development of pesticide products in China.

  • Interest inthe technology of mixed products which can help farmer friends get the more wide controlling spectrum but more conveniently for using.

  • Interest in the technology of plant growth regulator.

  • Interest in Crop science technology including the methods and skills of products use; the troubles and weakness of the pests such as insects, diseases, weeds, nematodes, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, etc.

Have problem of pesticide resistance which shows the more and more weak efficiency by using the products year after year.

Less weeds,  More harvest; Less diseases, More harvest; Less Insects,  More harvest King Quenson Crop Group focus on your harvest!