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Embrace KING'S FEAST, Unleash the Growth Potential of your Crops.
2024/1/31 20:14:17

Embrace KING'S FEAST, Unleash the Growth Potential of your Crops.

Are you looking to boost the growth and quality of your crops?

1.pngKING'S FEAST is a gibberellic acid plant growth regulator product from King Quenson, naturally found in plant spieces that promotes the cell division and elongation.

It is widely used to improve the size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops and also plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy, and senescence.

KING'S FEAST is used in many crops to improve crop yield, quality, and value.

  • Improves cluster stretching, cluster thinning, and berry sizing on table grapes, enhancing fruit quality

  • Increases fruit set, reduces fruit drop, delays fruit maturity and rind creasing in citrus

  • Provides post-harvest treatment to extend green life, improves fruit size, quality, and overall yield, stimulates early growth in new plantations in bananas

  • Increases fruit size, quality, and overall yield, improves packout, and provides post-harvest treatment to extend crown life in pineapples

  • Accelerates maturity and increases yield in artichokes

  • Increases fruit size, improves fruit firmness and quality, delays maturity for a more orderly harvest in cherries

  • Increases fruit set and yield in pears

Features and benefits of KING'S FEAST

  • Enhances Flower and Fruit Development

    As the main regulating effect, KING'S FEAST effectively promotes the development of larger and more robust flowers, which ensures fruit set, reduces fruit drop and enhances the size, color, and overall quality of fruits, ultimately increases yield potential and quality.

  • Improves Cluster Stretching and Thinning on Table Grapes

    While on table grapes, KING'S FEAST mainly improves cluster stretching and thinning. This is essential to enhance air circulation and light penetration, reduce disease spreading, and ultimately return to growers with uniform fruit size, beautiful cluster shape, and maximized market value.

  • Reduce Shedding of Buds, Flowers, Bolls and Fruits

  • Induce Seedless Fruit Formation

  • Delay Senescence and Preserve Freshness


Field Performance of KING'S FEAST

A large number of efficacy trials showed that KING'S FEAST was a highly effective growth promoter that increased size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, essential for optimum growth and development.





KING'S FEAST comes in a range of versatile formulations, including Water soluble tablet (ST), Water soluble powder (SP), Water soluble granule (SG), Soluble concentrate (SL), Emulsifiable concentrate (EC), and Technical material (TC), tailored to meet the diverse application needs of different countries and regions. Among which, KING'S FEAST 10% water soluble tablets are King Quenson’s largest selling formula in the international market. The advantages of tablets over other formulations are cheaper shipping and easy to use.

For many years, King Quenson R&D team continues to optimize the efficacy of the tablet formulation, to ensure the integrity, uniformity and 100% solubility of each tablet. So that every droplet of the KING'S FEAST solution sprayed on the crops contains a uniform amount of active ingredients, and delivers the same expected result of growers.


Since 2003, King Quenson has been thriving to introduce the latest technologies to agricultural industries and farmers to achieve mutual development and prosperity. With years of dedication and rich experience, King Quenson devotes more than 20 years to crop protection and offers solutions.


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