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King’s Landing Photo Pioneer, A Sustainable Way towards Improving Root Growth, Productivity, and Health of Crops
2022/8/23 16:53:21

King’s Landing Photo Pioneer, A Sustainable Way towards Improving Root Growth, Productivity, and Health of Crops


The World Food Programme reported that around 828 million people go to bed in hunger every night, the number of those facing acute food insecurity has soared - from 135 million to 345 million - since 2019. A total of 50 million people in 45 countries are teetering on the edge of famine.


By 2050, FAO estimates agriculture will need to produce almost 50 percent more food, livestock fodder and biofuel than in 2012 to satisfy global demand. Yet, the soil, land and water resources continue to deteriorate, along the current trajectory, agricultural water usage will increase 35 percent to meet the demand of 50 percent increase in food production.


Fig 1. Land-degradati on classes based on severity of human-induced pressures and deteriorati ng trends, 2015 (FAO)

Therefore, in sustainable agriculture, it is increasingly important to improve crop productivity and fruit quality, and to enhance crop resistance to extremes climates and soil condition.

How can we lead a new green revolution to boost crop productivity? This is one of the key breakthrough directions of King Quenson and its joint expert team. And the answer to this question might be Photosynthesis.

2.pngAfter years of research and exploration on photosynthesis efficiency, the experts developed a new technology, the Photosynthesis Activating Technology (PAT).

A large number of practical tests in the greenhouse and fields show that the PAT technology can significantly increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves and improve the CO2 capture ability, which is significant for boosting the photosynthesis efficiency.


Focusing on the PAT technology, King Quenson and its joint technical team has invested on research and designing of the King's Landing family products, aiming to improve the photosynthesis efficiency and adjust the carbon-nitrogen balance, to promote the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the crops, so as to greatly improve the performance of the crops especially under stress conditions and post-disaster recovery capabilities. Among the King’s Landing family, there is one product that is particularly outstanding for the root-promoting ability of the crops, the King’s Landing Photo Pioneer.


King’s Landing Photo Pioneer, is a functional fertilizer based on the PAT technology for drip irrigation and flushing. It does not contain any hormone, instead, it contains premium quality potassium fulvic acid, various chelated trace elements and Bacillus spp. from the Agricultural Culture Collection of China.


Therefore, King's Landing Photo Pioneer can enhance rooting significantly for strong root system. Also, it can ameliorate the micro-environment around root system. Further, increase plant resistance to diseases and uncomfortable climates, saline-alkali soil. The PAT agent can be absorbed through the roots and transmitted to the leaves, improving the photosynthesis efficiency of the crops.


Besides, King’s Landing Photo Pioneer can adapt to various water conditions, and can be fully soluble without producing flocs even in the hard water to 25-30 degree. It can be mixed with most drip irrigation or flushing fertilizers. With one more bag, it will make a difference.


   1. Enhance root-promoting

   2. Earlier blossom and more fruits setting

   3. Pretty fruit shape and glossy leaf 

   4. Improve plants resistance

   5. Plants recovery after stress

    The effect of King’s Landing Photo Pioneer on different crops:


    Fig.2 Enhance root-promoting of wheat seeds


    Fig.3 Cotton in saline-alkali soil, Xin Jiang province, China

    Fig. 4 Orange trees damaged seriously by flash flood, Guang Xi province, China


    Fig. 5 Apple with pretty shape and satisfying size (over 90 mm) in Xinjiang province, China


    Fig. 6 Dates with earlier flowering and more fruits setting in Xinjiang province, China

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