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King Quenson's products are supplied from the factories locate in four Provinces, Jiangxi province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, and Shandong province, which compose our primary production and operation system for the manufacture of herbicide, insecticide, plant growth regulator, fungicide, rodenticide, and some fine chemicals. The factories hold hundreds of sets of production machinery, more than 30 technicians, and over 500 workers and run under GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) standard and pass ISO 9001:2019 Certification.

Currently under ISO 9001:2019 and Good Manufacture Practice system, with the advanced automatic production line and skilled workers, our production Capacity has achieved 20,000 MT TC and 150,000 KLT formulation annually, covering more than 100 kinds of products and 20 series of formulations.

Liquid formulations including SC, SL, FS, EC, EW, CS, OF, ULV, and solid formulations including WDG, WSG, WP, TB, DP, and GR are available from our factory. The production capacity for liquid is 15000 KL per year, for solid is 20000 MT per year. The continuous production cycle, advanced logistic system, and close relationship with the shipping line enable us to fulfill orders from any part of the world.

Our Research & Development Team mainly works under the principle of high efficiency, low toxicity, and low residue. 

To develop water-based formulations

To improve technical synthesis and quality

To optimize the formulation recipe which consists of low toxic adjuvants and high efficacy

With advanced technology and facilities, we can produce high-purity products in the market. To take social responsibility, we reduce the production of new pollutants to the environment; also invest a significant amount of money on wastewate treatment systems for controlling polluting sources.

With the support of our factories, King Quenson is fast growing these years and has been a bellwether of the Chinese agrochemical industry.