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2018"A"Enterprise Credit Evaluation—King Quenson
2018/10/11 18:09:43

On October 15, China Crop Protection Industry Association held the 18th AgroChemEx and the 3rd China International Fertilizer Exhibition in Shanghai. During the conference, released a list of 53 enterprises that have won the credit rating of China's pesticide industry in 2018.

The credit construction carried out by China Crop Protection Industry Association in the pesticide industry is of great significance for promoting industry self-discipline, maintaining a fair and orderly market environment and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Company List of A+ level of Enterprise Credit Evaluation in China Pesticide Industry


King Quenson Group always maintains integrity and self-discipline, plays an exemplary role in the industry, and can withstand the test of time and market, making new contributions to the harmonious and healthy development of the whole industry.

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