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Ms. Helen He atteded Chinese MOA (ICAMA)'s summit
2018/10/30 18:48:07

On October 26, 2018, the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) held a business representativesymposium at the Beijing Crab Island No. 1 Conference Center. 

As one of the ten invited enterprises representatives, Ms. Helen, the President of SHENZHEN KING QUENSON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was invited and attended the meeting together with the chairman of listed companies. 

Director Zhou Puguo and Secretary Wu Guoqiang made important speeches on the new pesticide management regulations and the trend and direction of pesticide management.

Each enterprise representative has also published the impact of the new regulations on enterprise and the suggestions successively. Among them, Ms. Helen proposed that the new regulations will make the pesticide import and export market more standardized and rigorous, such as Pesticide Operating License, standardized labels, etc., which is very beneficial to enterprises that focus on quality, brand and scientific and technological innovation. And she also  expressed the hope that the government could give more guidance and support to the import and export enterprises. 

Finally, the representatives of all enterprises unanimously stated that the whole pesticide industry was getting more and more serious, and they hoped that the export registration policy could be issued at an early date to help enterprises overcome the difficulties.  

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