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The 2th clearance notification training
2018/5/29 17:09:59

In order to meet the demand for pesticide import and export services, Further promoting the convenience of customs clearance
in the trade of pesticides and facilitate the understanding of the licensing management system of import and export enterprises,
King Quenson Group participated in the 2th intl. business Training on Systerm of clearance notification of Pesticide.

In this training,key speakers include YAN DUAN XIANG, WU HOU BIN, WU ZHI FENG, YANG BO, YANG LIU, CAO BING WEI.YAN DUAN XIANG Issued an understanding of current issues related to pesticide export trade; WU HOU BIN published the status and prospects of China's pesticide international trade; WU ZHI FENG published an interpretation of the pesticide management license management method; An annocement made by agronomist CAO BING WEI on FAQ and Precautions in application of Clearance Notification for Registration Management on Import/Export of Pesticide.

In this training, Shenzhen King Quenson Industrial Co., Ltd. as the earliest batch of pesticide import and export companies,has always uphold the principle of integrity, equality, and win-win, set a benchmarks in the industry, bring the best crop solutions for the world's farmers!

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