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International Trade Sales
2019-2-27 10:47:15

Salary and Benefits: 

1, the basic salary of 3000-5000 yuan (specific can be interviewed) + Commission + Bonus + (provide accommodation) average wage of 6000-50000 yuan;

 2, greatly promote space and growth opportunities (salesman-supervisor-manager-deputy general Manager) management Open-ended; 

3, provide a fair, open and impartial promotion platform , all managers are promoted from within the company, 

4, a variety of forms of incentive mechanism: the performance of outstanding people to provide opportunities to go abroad, 

5, the formal entry to enjoy a complete social welfare treatment, five risks and accident insurance; 

6, the company provides free accommodation, with a mentoring system, the new staff for one-on-one lead, regular training. Job Responsibilities: 1. Through the international platform (Alibaba), to find potential customers, identify and understand customer needs. Follow up to strengthen follow-up, maintain good relationship with customers, and then achieve sales objectives, successful signing! Requirements: 1 Age 18-28 years old, can be cooked in English and Japanese for conversational communication. The writing of the Mail, the good computer operation level.